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Creative Minds specializes in Robotics education delivered purely via LEGO® products, making it a unique offering.

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Our Learning Concept

'LEGO Smart' is a concept where students use LEGO® & digital tools to solve problems creatively & to excel at working with others and thinking critically.

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Our Modules

This is the place where 'playing' with LEGO® opens the door to a better understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), plus computer programming and much, much more.

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Our Mission

To excite, inspire, and motivate young people about the fun, importance and impact of non-direct education via Robotics.

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Our Expertise

Our strong relationship with leading industry and university partners offers our students the advantage of learning real world robotics applications.

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Join our intensive weekend programmes exclusively conducted at our various Centers which offers a conducive learning environment

Creative Minds collaborate with over 25 private and international schools across the Klang Valley to offer our programmes as an extra/co curricular activity

Take part in our highly sought after, signature school holiday programmes that will excite, inspire and engage kids of all ages . Keep your eyes open for the next session!


What We Offer

Creative Minds is committed to building a strong relationship with our university and industry partners in
the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in order draw on the power of knowledge and discovery
to transform our students' lives and help build them a strong career path.

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Leading Education Provider

In Creative Minds, we foster strong collaborations with the educational institutions and engineering organizations to further enhance our knowledge and expertise. This is what makes Creative Minds unique.

Corporate Partners

From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes to team sponsorships to research collaborations, Creative Minds works closely with leading technology and engineering organizations in order to ensure our students get real-world exposure in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). This approach allows Creative Minds students to learn not only the technical aspects but also offers them a golden opportunity to further their studies in a discipline they are passionate about.