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Materialize Your Creativity!

Manifest your creativity into physical objects and explore wonders of innovation with this compact 3D Printer!

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MYR 1,699

Why 3Ducation 3D Printer?

Compact 3D Printer suited for in-school usage in Primary and Secondary Schools in Malaysia. We offer a 3D Printer which will provide platform for the students to explore the technology at their own pace!


The compact design of our 3D Printer makes it easy for the users to setup the printer anywhere and anytime without worrying too much on printer installation.

Easy to use

3Ducation 3D Printer is configured with touchscreen control panel which makes it easy to be controlled. Plus it only needs minimal calibration process before being used.

Minimal maintenance

User can use the printer for huge amount of printouts over-and-over again. The only things that needs to be refilled is the filament!


Lightweight and compact size enables the user to setup and relocate the printer easier. It can be brought to the classrooms, labs or in the office.

What Can I Do With A 3D Printer?

3D Printer is very useful tools for community such as educators and novice innovators to visualize and manifest their prototypes of innovation into physical objects.

Depending on the design limitation and 3D Printer capability, innovators can use the printer to test their designs at faster rate.

Specifically in education today, knowing how to navigate and create 3D models and objects are part of unique skills derived from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which brings more interaction between digital designs and physical world.

Make your classroom experiments more lively and creative

Integrate technology such as 3D modeling and printing into classrooms subjects such as Reka Bentuk & Teknologi to expose students with latest skillsets.

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